New Google Analytics 4: What is It & Why Should You Upgrade?

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What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is the next generation of Analytics that helps measure traffic and user engagement on the website as well as on the apps. In contrast to Universal Analytics, GA4 has different kinds of reports on insights.

Several individuals get confused with what Google Analytics 4 property is. To clarify their doubts, “property” in GA is a set of reports, and these reports can vary in different properties. Whereas Google Analytics 4 is the process of decoding these reports.

Experts suggest those who are still using UA for their website must change to GA4 for a better and upgraded experience.

GA4 vs. Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4 features are unique and different from that of Universal Analysis. Therefore, a study on Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics can break down its benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Google Analytics 4 over Universal Analytics:

  • This model is for both websites and apps as well.
  • Google Analytics 4 is event-based; timing hits and transactions do not exist.
  • Uses a flexible data model instead of “event category” and “event action.”
  • Information from a website and apps is collected in one property.
  • Automated tracking of clicks on outbound links, scrolling, and other interactions.
  • All events are hit-scoped, and session-scoped are no longer present.
  • In GA4views do not exist anymore.
  • It provides debugging within interfaces.
  • This new generation of analytics offers a free connection to BigQuery.
  • Its new metrics provide accurate engagement tracking.
  • It also provides predictive analysis.
  • Unlike UA, it focuses more on the user’s journey.
  • Its cross-device and cross-platform tracking is more developed than the earlier version.