We always believe in making a great work relationship with clients and we always love to support our clients with all ups and downs in their business.

Ashok Founder & Director

The Iqtechway Promise

As one of the premier custom software providers in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the DFW metroplex, we firmly believe that our word is our bond. Therefore, our Promise is to get it right or make it right. We achieve this by dedicating ourselves to surpassing client expectations at every stage - from architecting, designing, developing, hosting, deploying, maintaining, to supporting you throughout the project lifecycle.

We stand by our promise with the Iqtechway A-Z Performance Guarantee and gauge our success based on the results we deliver for clients and the trust we earn from the invaluable individuals who entrust us with their mission-critical IT projects.

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Our Core Values

We believe that work is ministry—an expression of our values. Our goal is to perform work that honors our commitments to clients and respects the vitality of Iqtechway employees. We define good work as work that delivers meaningful results and evolves clients into lifelong partners.


We keep our promises by taking ownership, initiative and paying attention to detail.


We learn fast, move fast, adapt quickly, and deliver with excellence.


We look for better ways by seeing what others see and daring to think different.


We sweep floors, strive to stay teachable and learn from each other every day.


Inclusion is fuel for innovation, so we embrace diversity of skills, thought, culture and faith.


Love is our why, so we model Christ's love to lift up our clients, teammates, families and communities.

Training and Development

We focus on honing skills and competencies which prepare our teams for future roles.

Recognizing excellence

We care a lot about attitude while hiring and build a dependable organizational culture.

Engineering Innovation

We always strive to create products using the latest technologies and build value for our clients.

Our Process

We operate as an intentional organization—making deliberate commitments, taking action, observing and measuring results, and adapting our efforts to ensure the fulfillment of Our Priorities. Our straightforward, time-proven process mirrors this approach.


Our Clients acknowledge the exceptional value of our low Total Cost of Ownership development approach. We dedicate significant upfront effort to uncover vital requirements - subsequently crafting solutions that are dependable, user-friendly, and accumulate enduring value year after year at Iqtechway.


We, at Iqtechway, implement an agile, iterative approach to define and deliver client value in planned increments - utilizing frequent demos and applying learnings from each iteration to craft and deliver precisely what the client wants.


The Iqtechway Promise is straightforward: We ensure it's right. Period. This signifies that you determine whether the solution fulfills the promised utility and value. If we don't meet expectations, we cover the cost to rectify it - not you. Guaranteed.


We perceive ourselves as more than mere developers. We act as stewards of the solutions we deliver to our clients, thereby assuming responsibility for client results throughout the lifespan of an Iqtechway project.

The Iqtechway Difference

Technical competency, technology expertise, and process mastery are fundamental requirements for professional software developers. This holds true for Iqtechway, as well as other top-tier development organizations. What distinguishes Iqtechway is the application of our core strengths and values to prioritize serving your interests and achieving your goals—not ours.

We are professionals passionate about our work and aware of life's brevity. Consequently, we channel our skills and life force to assist others in achieving meaningful results. This ethos not only yields outcomes and experiences that generate enduring value for our clients but also fosters lasting goodwill for Iqtechway. These serve as the yardsticks of our success, values we hold in profound regard. We are discerning about the projects we undertake, committing ourselves wholeheartedly to the select projects and clients we choose to engage with. To them, we pledge to showcase the Iqtechway distinction:


  • We learn, adapt, and move quickly
  • We deliver quickly without sacrificing quality


  • We take ownership and initiative
  • We keep our promises

The Iqtechway Promise

  • We get it right, We make it right
  • We back it up with our A-Z guarantee

Get it right. Make it right. Period.

We Get It Right

We invest up-front effort to discover essential requirements, then design custom software solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and accrue Lasting value year after year.

We Make It Right

Our agile, iterative approach delivers client value in defined increments using frequent demos and learnings from each iteration to deliver exactly what the Client wants.


Our goal is to deliver by exceeding Client expectations. So we work with you until you are certain that the solution meets your needs. Full stop.


We Learn

Grow and Innovate

We are committed to the professional and personal growth of each team member at Iqtechway. We firmly believe that growth occurs when we challenge ourselves to perform at our individual and collective best in service to others - our clients, our teammates, and our communities. We hold the belief that the bedrock of genuine innovation lies in the relentless pursuit of Excellence in Service.

Our Vision & Mission

Iqtechway is a known software company that focuses on helping other organizations transition, to operations. Our main goal is to improve and become a leading player in the field of Information Technology. We are committed, to optimizing our customers business processes by creating high quality solutions that enable their business growth and unlock their potential.

Continual Growth

Create a work atmosphere that can facilitate growth, where each and every employee can better themselves in terms of monetary gain, career, knowledge and skills related to the job.

Work Culture

To provide a conducive work environment to employees that bring out the best in them. Encourage work-related innovative inputs and creative ideas from the team members.

Customer Satisfaction

To offer top-notch services that create lifelong customers. To offer quick services through our effective communication channels. To extend highly reliable services that guarantee a high success rate for businesses.

Contribution To The Society

Through our firm, we offer Industrial Training to college students so as to offer them exposure to various niches that exist.